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"Tim brings great desire and care to uphold the greatest standards of excellence for his network at Avjet Corporation. His communication style and thoughtful planning helps to ensure a symbiotic relationship with consultants such as myself. I highly recommend Tim as an excellent IT Manager.” - Mark Segal, Systems Engineer, Network Magic Unlimited - a contractor used by Tim at Avjet Corporation - August 6, 2007

 "Tim's time management and organization skills are excellent. Tim has very good problem solving skills and good oral and written communication skills. Tim keeps managers and coworkers informed about the status of our information systems. Judged by the bottom line results, Tim did great. Tim's employees have done an outstanding job over the past year. Tim made real progress this year in working as a team with IS personnel from Mexicali. Tim is a good delegator.

"I could list more examples than space allows...Overall execution of Condor's IS plan is excellent. The quality of Tim's work is very good...Tim has done a great job of getting a lot of goals accomplished over the last year, of really getting things done, and not confusing effort with results. Tim clearly understands how important it is that the network be available 100% of the time and performs major work after hours and weekends to minimize risk and system downtime." - Craig Reynolds, IT Director, SL Industries Power Electronics Group, Nov 2003

"The most obvious strength is that Tim has successfully completed the critical tasks that he was given. Tim is very good at managing multiple projects. Throughout the year, Tim managed dozens of projects, system bugs and user issues simultaneously while maintaining consistent priorities. Tim, in part due to good organizational skills, gets projects completed and issues solved quickly.

"I have been impressed with how well the issues and solutions have been documented. Tim has good technical skills and has solved many hardware / software issues without or with minimal vendor assistance. Tim is very good at dealing with users. I have received compliments on his ability to help the users in a positive way; the user’s problem is solved without the user feeling intimidated, belittled or too frustrated." - Michael P Hennigan, Chief Financial Officer, Carson Industries, Feb 2000

"Tim has demonstrated the ability to apply himself to assigned tasks through concentrated effort and putting in extra energy. He has also proven to be capable of giving careful analytical consideration before dealing with complicated problems. This effort brought out some of his creativity which we appreciated.

We found Tim very pleasant and easy to work with. We were pleased with his organizational skills and ability to prioritize assignments. His ability to express himself and his ideas was good. The knowledge and skills Tim brought to the company were greatly beneficial." - Dard D Larson, President, Price Books and Forms, April 1995

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"Tim devotes himself to ensuring his customers are satisfied with the service they receive and their problems are resolved in a timely manner. His many years of experience are obvious as he quickly ascertains the problem and resolves the issue."

Carol Malone, Independent Published Author - who has benefited from Tim's maintenance of their home network, computers and printers for many years - August 3, 2021


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